Welcome to Overall Independence

We are a 24 hour service that provides our aging community as well as the disabled the opportunity to gain or maintain their overall independence with pride, dignity and respect.

What Others Have To Say About Overall Independence

“I enjoyed the fact that I never felt rushed during our shopping and it never felt like people knew I had to hire someone to help me, instead it felt like a good friend out for the afternoon of shopping.” -J

“I love that when I am in the vehicle there are no advertising decals, that way the general public doesn't know I had to hire a service. Excellent care by Sharon, professional and caring service, all while making me feel like a valued customer instead of an inconvenience.” -M

“I had to attend a doctors appointment and was very concerned about my ability to walk the long distance to the waiting room and then to the examination room. I hired Sharon to come with me and never did I feel like I was taking up her time and in the waiting room no one knew I had to hire someone to help me. Instead they were under the impression that a good friend came with me. This was also very comforting to my family since they could not rearrange their schedule to attend my appointment with me.” -U