Our Services

We will provide you with professional and courteous services including transportation, shopping, errands, prescription pick up and delivery services. We offer in town, out of town and even out of country transportation. Hospital pick up and drop off and even just an outing with your friends. The best part is that we offer this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We go the extra mile for you, we will be a friend by your side! A couple of examples would be, we will pick you up from the hospital or medical appointment, we will stop at the pharmacy and pick up your prescription on the way home and make sure you are in your most comfortable chair and have your phone near by before we leave you.

We will go to your appointment with you if needed and either wait in the waiting area or even take notes during your appointment and be sure those notes get to your family in case there is ever a time when your family can not attend.

Our vehicle is wheelchair accessible for your convenience, there is a ramped entry on one side to make your entering and exiting the vehicle safe and less stressful for you. As always, your attendant rides for free.

Our rates are competitive and each client has unique needs, please call us for a quote that is as individual as you are.

How To Book

By phone – just give us a call and we will take your information to book your trip or service.

By email – we check our emails frequently, and will send you confirmation immediately.